Together at the Top


Every business is different. What you need, and how much of it, will change as you continue to develop and grow. I don't sell generic, one size fits all packages. Together we will talk about what you need and want. Whether it is short-term support or long term incremental roll-out planning, I will get you on the right path. 

Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Connection Development

Together we will build up your business identity, create the messaging you want to send out to your customers, and launch into a focused development plan to establish a sustainable and loyal revenue-generating community.  

Promotional Products (Tactile Marketing)

Branded items last longer than any other marking materials you can produce and is key to developing your brand recognition. When done right, your identity can travel the world and start conversations.  I will walk you through the right way to utilize physical items to market your business.  

Individual Support

You know you could do it if you had the knowledge and a little backup. As a coach, I will be there to get you started, help you stick to timelines, act as a brainstorm partner and be a general ear for you to talk things through. As long as it’s legal, you will have my full support and confidentiality.