• Heather Dankert

The pandemic power of the lowly bucket hat.

This pandemic summer is going to happen outdoors in the sun and the rain. How do we take advantage of this and how to we support our customers at the same time?

The bucket hat (fishing hat, sun hat) might not be the height of fashion at the moment, but just you wait. If it doesn’t happen I’ll give you a 15% discount on your first fall 2020 item you order in September.

The yard beautification projects have started and so have the lawn parties. The reality is we will be dealing with sunburns, increased sun and heat stroke, and dehydration. A trendy hat can help keep the fun in the sun.

How many of us will have a #covidtanline?

Why not help your customers prevent that reverse goggle tan with a big ol' floppy hat!

Everyone has a ball cap but it only covers a small part of your body. It’s time to branch out and embrace what Australians have been doing for years to protect their skin. Put a bucket on it! Point of fact, sun protection headwear is a mandatory part of all school uniforms.

What to think about when deciding on a brimmed hat.

  1. Who is your audience? (Gender and age range)

  2. How adventurous are they? (Colours and branding message)

  3. Where will they be using it? (Backyard drinking, yard work, fishing, camping, river floating)

  4. Alberta is windy. Do you go for the below the chin secure string or no?

  5. How do you give them away? (Send with online order purchase, general free give away, mailing to clients)

  6. What is the benefit for giving these away? (ROI – brand awareness, increase purchases, bring in more traffic to your location)

General rule of thumb is to spend 10 – 15% of what you would like to make in revenue.

Let’s get your brand at eye level, on as many people as possible. Contact me now to get your perfect hats ordered.

heather@dankert.ca or dankert.ca