• Heather Dankert

The Incoming Marketing Tsunami: Do you stand a chance?

You think the shutdowns and social distancing were chaotic? Wait for the tsunami of mass marketing messages that are coming. Companies have had time to plan and the onslaught will make you want to shut off from the world and think fondly of your time at home eating Dorito’s and watching Netflix.

Navigate the on-slot by starting now. Make your marketing plans and then share your message with your partners and customers. Get them their t-shirts and branded <insert slogan here> items early. When the time comes to step out of our homes again, your partners and customer community will already be on board and committed.

Right now is the perfect opportunity to make operational and offer changes within your business. Capitalize on it.

Let’s look at how to get started.

Where are you now?

Take a realistic look at your business financials. Compile a list of assets and liabilities and create a budget. Always know where you are financially so you can make smart decisions. If it’s not looking good right now, that’s ok. Very few company budgets look good at this point.

What do your customers want and need?

Our everyday life has changed, so we need to change our offerings. What does your customer community need and want? Don’t be afraid to ask your customers. We are in a unique position where everyone is in a state of flux and are willing to open up and help you, so you can help them. We also need to look at what is emotionally important to your clients at this moment. We are all out-of-sorts and looking to feel normal (safe). How can you help them do this? Whatever you decide to do needs to have a focus on supporting the community, for at least the next few months. Altruism makes the world a better place and is great PR.

Where do you want to go? (Evaluation and Goals)

Right now is the perfect opportunity to make operational and offer changes within your business. It is a Global opportunity for a refresh and restart. What worked for you before the pandemic? What didn’t? Is there anything you did during the pandemic that you can carry forward? Is your offering relevant and what your customers want? Marketing a new start might be just what you and your customers need. Everything is different and making today the first day of a new beginning is hopeful and something everyone can get on board with.

Make a plan.

Take your budget, what your customers want, and what you want your company to look like, and put them all together to form a big picture. This information will help you decide if you need to rebrand or just revamp your messaging. Once you have your brand and messaging solid, you are ready to start marketing again. Your established refreshed messaging will lead everything you do going forward, so make sure to put a solid and thoughtful effort into it. Invest in marketing support. They don’t need to do everything for you. Your budget may be tight so keep it high level. Work with an expert to create a solid message and build a marketing plan that you can follow.

Welcome to your fresh start.

Let’s gather everything you need to move forward and build you a solid marketing plan. Together we will have you riding that tsunami, instead of getting lost in it.

Contact me today to develop a plan that works for you and your budget.

Heather Dankert | Consultant