• Heather Dankert

Sponsor a hole?! …what kind? (Part 2)

It’s golf, festival, and race season, which means it’s prime branding time. Put aside technology and talk face to face with prospects that come to you.

Two types of holes to think about.

  1. Emotional Holes: Charities exist because people feel there is a societal hole somewhere that is important to address. It can be anything from the loss of a loved one to a lack of funds for education programs.

  2. Marketing Black Holes: Lost opportunities and clients unknowingly getting sucked in, never to be seen again.

Is there any better way to make a connection with your potential customer community then aligning your brand with things that are important to them? …not really.


What is important to your audience is important to you. It’s how you build a strong connection with your customer community. Observe, ask, and listen to your current customer base to find out what is top of mind for them. Chat with event coordination contacts to determine if their audience matches your target. They will be able to provide all the data required on which to base your decisions.

Another direction is charities and organizations that mean something to you — Multitask and work on filling some of your own emotional holes. Having a passion for what you are sponsoring allows you to connect with the event audience on a very intimate level.

Here are a few examples.

  • If your business centers on physical activity and you want to connect with clients who focus on children: find a race that supports kids' causes.

  • If your business centers on food and beverage that is pet-friendly: find an animal charity and team up. Consider side by side exhibit space or share a booth at a community festival.

  • If your business centers on self-care and you want to connect with men in their 20’s and 30’s: Get a booth at the YW Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event.

Make sure you are also considering your marketing holes. Look at integrating events into campaigns you already have planned. It might be smart to develop your plan around an established community event and piggybacking off its marketing reach to connect with a larger audience.

It's essential to look and book ahead of time. Spring and summer events are the best for connecting with current and potential clients face to face. Review which activities you have on the calendar, and see what opportunities you can add to your schedule.

I know this seems early, but sponsorship options and prime booth locations can go fast. You want to confirm your prime marketing spots as soon as you are able and order your branded golf and event swag early. Especially this year with China shut down for the Coronavirus outbreak. Supply will be down for certain things which means prices may go up and golf season items have limited stock that doesn’t get replenished. Ordering early also means you don’t have to rush-ship golf balls or event gear; it's heavy and adds to your costs.

Let's connect and chat about getting you in front of the right audience.

Pro Tip: You can order early and have it delivered closer to your event date.