• Heather Dankert

Sponsor a hole?! …what kind? (Part 1)

It’s golf, festival, and race season, which means it’s prime branding time. Put aside technology and talk face to face with prospects that come to you.

Two types of holes to think about.

  1. Emotional Holes: Charities exist because people feel there is a societal hole somewhere that is important to address. It can be anything from the loss of a loved one to a lack of funds for education programs.

  2. Marketing Black Holes: Lost opportunities and clients unknowingly getting sucked in, never to be seen again.

Is there any better way to make a connection with your potential customer community then aligning your brand with things that are important to them? …not really.


Six great reasons to sponsor at events.

  1. Supporting charities is great PR that you can leverage on social media and your website throughout the year.

  2. Participating at in-person events is a gold mine of warm leads.

  3. The people come to you — no need for solicitation.

  4. They have time on their hands and are open to see who and what you are.

  5. It’s a relaxed environment. You don’t have to hard-sell; only collect contact information.

  6. You are creating brand recognition in a positive environment.

Here are some numbers to think about. Calgary CTV news reported over 6000 people attended the 2019 23rd annual CIBC Run For the Cure. Let’s estimate some conservative numbers.

  • If 50% of the event-goers saw you at the event, that is 3000 people that observed your brand.

  • If 25% walked within 20 feet of your booth, that is 1500 people that know who you are and what you do.

  • If 10% stopped at the booth to chat or pick up some swag, that is 600 people that took your brand home.

  • If 5% drop contact information into a draw, that will give you 300 warm leads.

  • If 2% turn into sales, that is 120 new customers.

How many office staff hours would it take you to accomplish the same results? What are those numbers worth to your potential return on investment for your marketing spend?

Lets chat about how we can get you some impressive numbers.