• Heather Dankert

Small goals to make the most of your marketing year

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

What are your top opportunities this year to build your brand, your market reach, and your reputation?  If you can make someone smile and create a happy memory that is associated with your brand you are golden!

The Referral Engine

Most of the time we think this is all about our clients, but that is only part of it. How many people do you think your staff and suppliers talk to in a year about what they do? Letting all 3 know they are appreciated doesn’t take much.

  1. Treat them with respect. It’s amazing how much goodwill is built when someone thinks they have been heard.

  2. Say thank you and make it something specific, not just “for all you do.” You know I was struggling with this issue/situation, you really helped me to deal with it, I appreciate you working with me on this.

  3. Show them they are noticed. What does that mean? It means at a random time give a client a small discount. Put chocolate on a staff member's desk. Give out some leftover swag to your regular courier person.


What is coming up this calendar year that you can use as an excuse to get people excited or engaged? This year we have the Olympics but maybe you want to use St. Patrick’s Day instead? St Patrick's Day does have less competition and happens every year.

Find a reason for fun. Is there something you can sponsor? Do you have a conference you can crash with a pop-up? What is important to your clients inside and outside of their work?

Create Memorabilia! Promo items don’t have to only have your logo on them. You heard me. Create functional art that celebrates the event and maybe have your website at the bottom or built into a visual message on the item. Just make sure there is a way for them to find you.The Tourism Calgary Event Page is a great resource for events available. Education

What does your company do? How can you relate that to students or youth groups like Scouts or Guides? What do you or a member of your staff have to teach the younger generation? Then make sure you have swag for them to take home, dump on the kitchen counter, and walk away from so Mom or Dad must clean it up. It’s all about encouraging the younger generations….?

Here is a link to Calgary kid's clubs to get you started. Not in Calgary? Search kid’s groups and programs plus your city name.

Image from: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3241537/Melbourne-holds-Sausage-dog-running-race.html