• Heather Dankert

Content Marketing vs Marketing Content.

Content Marketing vs Marketing Content. What is the difference and how do they relate?

Content Marketing is an extension of your Marketing Content. Marketing Content is the sum of all marketing materials and messages that you publish. This includes ads, print materials, social media posts, podcasts, images, and the messaging that is shared with the public. Content Marketing is high-value informative/educational material you produce and publish for your target audience. Its purpose is to show your expertise as a resource and have your clientele reach out to you for your services. This technique is part of something called “inbound marketing.”

We all know it can take sometimes 5 to 7 touch-points with someone before they become your client. Asking them to buy something every time you make contact is annoying. It’s like a kid tugging on their mom’s sleeve repeating, mom, mom, mom… Parents learn to ignore it, and so do your potential clients. Keeping your touch-points fresh, relevant, and interesting will have them taking notice and help ensure they remember your company. If you can get them to remember you, you will be top of mind when they need your services.

A typical rule of thumb used by marketers is the 4-1-1 rule and your content marketing fits in perfectly with this. Four new posts, one re-share, and one self-serving post. I like to do this as four new informative/educational touch-points, 1 re-share of someone else content marketing piece, followed up by one sales pitch to either hire me for marketing support or to purchase branded promotional items.


Four high-value ideas that focus on customizing promotional items.

1. Social media post - “Did you know it can take 2-3 weeks to get your items customized after art approval and before your order is shipped? When creating your marketing timeline build in enough time for production so you don’t have to pay air freight to meet your event date.”

2. Blog post or white paper on different types of customization techniques and what substrates they work best on.

3. Social media post - “This <National Holiday> is 6 weeks away. How is your company going to show their Canadian Pride?! If you want to order promotional products make sure you do it in the next week to stretch your budget and save on freight costs.”

4. Social media post - “Looking to order T-shirts for your event this summer? I recommend a 50/50 poly-cotton blend or a tri-blend material. They are softer and don’t shrink.”

The Re-share

Email or social media post - Find a vendor’s marketing video (one who does not sell direct to customers) on how their Tech T-shirts work. Add an informative statement as to why your volunteers will love them and continue to wear them after the event. (Free walking billboards)

The Sales Pitch

Email or social media post - “Check out this manufacturer’s deal on Under Armour T-shirts! Only available until July 15th. Contact me today to place your order.”

When choosing your content always keep your client in mind. What problem do they need solved? How can you be helpful?

Not sure where started? I am always here to support you in your marketing needs.

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