• Heather Dankert

Change Management on a Global Scale: How to self-manage and take charge of change.

Written by Heather Dankert

COVID-19 is changing everything, and that's ok.

The word "change" is a scary one, so I often like to refer to it as an evolution. If we think about it, there is constant evolution going on around us every day of our lives. The current evolution just happens to be on a huge scale with an expedited timeline. You can still do this!

Some of us have been laid off, and some of us are finding our way through working from home. As someone who has dealt with several significant evolutions, I understand the fear of the unknown and the sense of having no control.

As a self-professed "moderate" control freak, I regain my footing by purposefully making decisions to take back my sense control.

How do you take back your sense of control?

You do it by choosing how you will respond to the things around you.

Here are some suggestions on how to regain a foothold in your life.

Budgeting: Know what you have and how long it will last by asking these questions.

o What is the balance in the bank account(s) (your assets)?

o What are the monthly expenses (your expenditures)?

o What are the basics needed to survive like groceries?

o How long will your current assets last, based on your calculated expenditures?

o Could other resources be tapped into like RSPs or government subsidies?

Daily Routines/Schedules: Having a routine creates a comfortable new normal and reduces anxiety. Get up at a specific time Monday to Friday and then keep weekends as close to normal as possible. Shower and get dressed like you have people coming over. Create a workout plan for each day and do it, even if it's a walk. Create a meal plan for each week.

Inventory of Supplies: Knowing what you have and what you need doesn't just give you a sense of control but allows you to create lists to reduce the number of trips (COVID-19 exposure) to the grocery store. What food is in the house and how long will it last? What is perishable and how long will it last? Is it feasible to do some bulk cooking and freeze meal-sized portions for a later date? Do you have enough shampoo and conditioner, face wash, moisturizer and hygiene products?

Try Something New: This keeps your mind sharp, keeps you mentally healthy and will reduce boredom. When meal planning, pick out some new recipes to try. Have you ever wanted to paint? Order a paint kit online. Learn how to play the piano on a cost-effective keyboard from Amazon. Try Duolingo free online and learn a new language. What about getting crafty (budgets might be tight for Christmas, maybe you can start making gifts)? Learn canning and preserving or how to grow an urban garden!

Connect with people: This also helps with the feelings of isolation. Make a goal of talking to 2 people outside of your household each day. It can be family, friends or networking with clients or co-workers. Staying connected will also help with a smoother transition when you go back out into the world, fewer things to play catch up with.

To-Do Lists: Nothing is more satisfying than checking things off a to-do list. Make it the night before, and there is no stress in the morning. All you need to do is pick your order. If you don't get to something, put it on tomorrow's list and do it first. Be realistic and don't make it a long list. Try adding your daily routine items with maybe one or two extra each day.

Each of these options will lead to a sense of accomplishment. They are tasks you can feel proud of. This will help with staying mentally healthy, keep you on top of your game for when you go back to work, and help you to stay focused when supporting those around you.

Here is an interesting article from Shape.com that talks more about the positive effects of organizing: How Cleaning and Organizing Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

The biggest and hardest step is to acknowledge things are evolving and all you need to do it spot your wave and ride it. How do you catch that wave? You don't fight it. Float until it picks you up and takes you with it. You've got this!