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You have refined your product, and it’s ready to sell.

How do you present it to the world?

The marketing industry can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. The key is to start at the beginning and branch out. Create your goals, targets, and timelines first. We will solidify your brand marketing home bases (websites, LinkedIn, storefronts) before expanding into campaigns, media, or sales. Potential clients or customers will almost always check you out online before allowing themselves to be sold to.  

Things we will be working on together are:

  • Brand Development

  • Branding Package (digital or print) – Letterhead, business cards, company documents, email signatures

  • Websites

  • Standardized Online Handles (for social media)

  • Social Media Accounts (when/where applicable)

  • Marketing Planning

  • Conversational Marketing/SEO

  • Campaign Development

  • Visuals/Print Media/Advertising

  • Auditory Media/Advertising

  • Tangible Promotional Materials (Branded items)

  • Event Opportunities

  • Teaching Opportunities

What is a Brand?

A brand or brand identity is the face and voice of your company and how you are perceived emotionally by the public. It is specifically curated to appeal to your target audience (or niche audience segments and micro-markets).  

Your brand consists of:

  • The logo you develop

  • The company story you tell

  • The images and visuals you choose to use

  • The stylistic voice in which your content is written

  • The customer service experience you provide

How does a “Brand” differ from “Brand Name”?

A “brand” is the parent company and the “brand name” is the product produced by the parent company. An example would be Coca-Cola. “The Coca-Cola Company” is the “brand,” and some of their “brand name” products are Coke, Sprite, Mojo, Schweppes, Fanta, Fresca, and Barq’s Root Beer.

Your brand needs to be the first thing you develop after your initial primary product/service idea(s). Whether we are starting from scratch or building upon what you started, it doesn't change the goal. We will develop a strong, sustainable brand identity.

EVERYTHING you do with your business moving forward will stem from your brand identity.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the dispersal engine of your brand and or brand names (products). Marketing covers everything from your email signature to radio, television, and Facebook advertising. If it has your name or relates to you in some way, it’s marketing: the good and the bad.

Marketing needs to be carefully curated, cohesive, and easily absorbed by your intended audience. People are fickle, and emotions aren’t logical. You will be selling to cats, not dogs.

Let's get started.